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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes hanuman chalisa different from other ordinary pendents?

ANSWER: Hanuman chalisa yantra is built with all the real time merits. In the make as well as designing the product is superior in the making. It is made in a unique way, hence it is so vibrant and attractive. The lens in the center of the device is also attractive. The mantra which is written inside the hunuman chalisa yantra is so powerful, hence all users get its benefits. The devices is accompanied by good services and support as well unlike all other ordinary products.

What mantra is written inside the device hanuman chalisa?

ANSWER: The mantra written inside the device is the one which is taken from authentic vedic texts. So the product brings double the effect to everyone. Users can also have the clear view of this mantra by keeping the pendentís back side face to the light and front side facing towards them. The lens in the device is reflective and while the rays pass through it users can find the real mantra written in it. The prayers using this mantra, or the consistent touch with this mantra will bring plenty of prosperity to everyone who uses it.

How can i use this product so safely?

ANSWER: Hence the product is made with inserting so much powerful mantras in it. It must be used with caution. Please keep in mind that this yantra should not be used to at the extent of damaging it. So it is ideal to keep the device away from water and soap particles, that can cause damage to it. Yantra is at the back of the hanumanís profile so the yantra and chalisa inside it should not be damaged or broken.

Is the product purchasable online?


Yes. Hanuman chalisa yantra is a product that has got an universal acclaim. So it is popular in all realms of marketing such as online marketing, TV shows, so on. Users can have the product delivered at home by purchasing it online. The paying options are so simple and smooth as well. So all users find the product authentic and beneficial.

What is the metal used in the making of this product?


The metal used in the making of this product is alloy, and gold platings.

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